Hemp & CBD Labels
Hemp & CBD Labels
Hemp & CBD Labels
Hemp & CBD Labels

Hemp & CBD Labels


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Consider using eye-catching graphics and colors to make your product label visually appealing. A well-designed label can make your product jump off the shelf and catch the attention of potential customers.

Highlight any unique selling points or benefits of your product. If your CBD oil is organic, non-GMO, or vegan, make sure this information is prominently displayed on the label. If your product is backed by scientific research or has won any awards, consider including this information as well.

We offer free 2-day shipping on standard orders, with a 5-7 day lead time.

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Questions or Concerns about Hemp/CBD Labels?

We offer multiple solutions to this:

  • Digital Printing:  We utilize digital label printing technology, which allows for on-demand printing and quick changes to label designs.  Digital printing eliminates the need for traditional printing plates, reducing setup costs and making short runs more cost-effective.
  • Variable Data Printing:  If your products require specific information such as batch numbers, expiration dates, or QR codes, variable data printing enables you to print unique data on each label.  This ensures compliance with product traceability regulations without the need for pre-printed labels.
  • Print-on-Demand Services:  Partner with us as your label printing company that offers print-on-demand services. This way you can order labels in smaller quantities as needed, avoiding excess inventory, and minimizing the risk of non-compliant labels.

Our metallic or holographic Bopp creates an eye-catching visual impact that sets your product apart from competitors on the shelf. The shimmering and dynamic appearance draws attention and curiosity which can increase the likelihood of a potential customer picking up your product for a closer look.

The metallic or holographic materials reflect light in different directions, adding a sense of movement and depth to the label. This interactive quality engages consumers and leaves a lasting impression.

These materials complement various label designs and product packaging styles. Whether you have a minimalist design or a vibrant and colorful one, metallic or holographic effects can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

In a crowded market, standing out is crucial for brand differentiation. Utilizing such attention-grabbing materials can help reinforce your brand identity and make your products easily recognizable.

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