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Flexible packaging, such as sachets, single-serve packs, bar wrappers, pouches, and pre-formed bags, is a versatile and popular option in the food industry. It offers several advantages, including:

Product Protection: Flexible packaging provides a barrier against moisture, light, oxygen, and other external elements, helping to maintain product freshness and extend shelf life.

Convenience: The flexible nature of these packages makes them easy to handle, store, and open. They are often designed with features like tear notches, zippers, and resealable closures, enhancing convenience for consumers.
Portability: Flexible packaging is lightweight and occupies less space compared to rigid alternatives, making it ideal for on-the-go consumption and reducing transportation costs.

Customization: With flexible packaging, you have the flexibility to customize the design, size, shape, and material composition to meet your specific product requirements and branding needs.
When considering flexible packaging, it is important to ensure compatibility with your fill form and seal machines. Make sure the materials and dimensions of the packaging align with your production equipment for smooth and efficient packaging operations.

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