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When you think about the different condiments in your home or on the shelves at your local grocery story, the product label may not be the first thing to come to mind. However, the label is one of the most important features of your favorite condiments, and not every label is created equal. Here are a few things questions to ask yourself when choosing the best labels for your condiments.

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Things to Consider

Although the natural look of paper labels may be appealing, simple paper may not be the best choice for condiments that might develop condensation or contain liquid because paper labels could potentially tear or rip and ruin the label.

What environment will the product be in?

Summer barbecues are full of fun for everyone and the last thing anyone wants is to grab the ketchup and have the see a dingy label that looks like it has been on the bottle for years. That is not quite what you want to add to your hot dog.

How big is your packaging?

The branding of your condiment is the first impression potential consumers will have of your product. Labels are the key to showcasing your brand and displaying important details about the product, including nutritional information. If your product is a peanut butter, making sure to make that extremely clear is crucial and so is having the space to fit relevant details. Nutritional information is also key to your product, so making sure those details are on display is not only a nice-to-have but also regulated by the FDA.

There are a variety of labels options and Cor Label is here to help you get the absolute best labels for your condiments from jellies and jams to mayonnaise and mustard.

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