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CBD is a natural compound found in cannabis plants and has been marketed as containing multiple healing remedies from physical ailments to hair growth. The CBD market is growing exponentially as more information about the benefits become available. This growth in demand is opening doors to a budding CBD-based product marketplace. The difference between being known as a relevant CBD product versus one that does not work can hinge on your label and the quality of the information you provide on it.

Some CBD products need very specific, regulated labels, while others may have just a few guidelines. For instance, a food product containing CDB may need to follow FDA labeling guidelines while oils or supplements containing CBD may not have as many.

Beyond federal regulations, many states have wide-ranges of guidelines for CBD labels based on the product. Every state has hemp laws but it’s important to know how each state treats CBD and cannabis. This will certainly impact your CBD product labels. It will also help customers make informed decisions when they’re looking to purchase CBD products.

With so many label options and possible requirements, it is necessary to create the label that best meets the needs of your CBD products and makes your product stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Cor Label is here to help you get the right label for your CBD product so that you can accomplish both.

custom cbd labels

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custom cbd and thc labels
cbd and thc labels
custom thc and cbd labeling
thc and cbd labels

Printing Your Product Label Needs: Although your CBD product may not require a full list of ingredients and other FDA requirements, there is a chance your label will consist of more information that just the name of the product. Our digital printing press, the HP Indigo digital press, can help create variable labels if you need to have slightly different information by product but want to consolidate the printing run. With the high quality technology of our printers, we can also print legible QR codes that won’t smudge and will be easy for your customers to scan.

Modify Your Design: There’s no need to have generic labels for each of your product variations. You have the ability to make field changes that may slightly alter the labels. If there are color variations among your product mix, simply modify the color and text fields in the art file you send to us to get exactly what you need for each label.

BOPP Material for Lasting Labels: We use BOPP material, which stands for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP) as one of our printing solutions of choice. BOPP is a popular, durable plastic label material which uses a process to stretch film over two directions. BOPP is also thin and easy to peel for quick application. Available in white, clear and metallic, BOPP is safe for consumables, and is moisture resistant and non-toxic. As an added layer of protection, we offer UV label coating and spot varnishing. This added layer of protection keeps your labels safe from rough environmental conditions.

Our first-class service combined with our first-class HP Indigo digital printers make Cor Label your ideal label printing partner. The power and accuracy of our printers allows you to print a variety of colors across the PANTONE rainbow with speed and ease. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and fast shipping to get your labels to you when you need them.

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