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Your product label is the very first point potential customers will see when checking out your merchandise. That is why we are so passionate about printing the best quality labels for all our customers and for every product, every time. At Cor label, we understand and embrace the importance of the label as the start of an influential story about your product, your business, and you! 

We are committed to helping you make the most of your creative design by printing labels that meet your beverage container needs. When searching for the best label print solutions, the options may feel overwhelming. Cor Label can help take some of the guess work out. Here are some factors to consider when thinking about the best label printing option for you and your product.

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Types of Beverage Labels

There are countless beverage types from bottled waters, to sodas, to sports drinks. It is key to understand how your beverage will influence your label printing needs and vice versa. At Cor Label, we offer quality printing solutions that are best for your drinks. Clear film labels can be a great choice for bottles containing bright color liquid. This is especially interesting for craft soda makers because many use colors to distinguish fun flavors. Clear film labels give the perfect opportunity to put the funky beverage colors right on display, alongside your label design.

Often your beverages are going to be stored in a cold environment, so it is valuable to print labels that will not peel off if the beverage sweats. Labels that can withstand a variety of temperatures without cracking or peeling is also an important consideration. It may seem like an unlikely possibility but roll label stickers work well for a variety of temperatures and conditions, if combined with the right label material. Sticker labels make it easy to take the guessing out of sizing as well because they work for any container size or shape. Bonus! The application process is also easy and straightforward.

Size of Container: Beverage containers come in an array of shapes, sizes, and materials. Cor Label offers great options, no matter the container parameters. One great label printing solution for uncommonly shaped bottles is shrink sleeve labels or “shrink sleeves,” as they are mostly commonly called. Shrink sleeves wrap completely around the bottle or can for maximum, custom coverage.  Shrink sleeves are an ideal solution if you want to maximize your beverage container branding while protecting your labels from the elements. This label type adheres to the label by using heat. Because they are waterproof, they work for cold and warm storage temperatures.  If your bottle or can has an extended design, shrink sleeves are the way to go. You can carry your design from top to bottom and all the way around. 

Our HP Indigo digital printers are not only state-of-the-art, but they are also safe to print on any beverage you need from paper cartons to glass bottles.  The highly efficient HP Indigo digital printers allow Cor Label to ensure excellence label color matching to your design. HP Indigo digital printers also allow us the ability to combine a variety of print materials with label types to make your beverage containers be the standout among the crowd.  

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