Materials Glossary:


White Bopp
White Bopp is the most popular label material option. It has good tear strength, waterproof and a cost-efficient choice for brands. The adhesive is a clear general purpose emulsion permanent adhesive featuring good initial tack and ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

Metallic Bopp
Metallic Bopp or Metallic Plastic is designed for strength and durability, while making your product “Pop”. Looking for something flashy and that really stands out? Metallic Bopp is used across several sectors but is very popular in our nutraceutical sector with vitamins, supplements, & CBD companies.

Clear Bopp
Clear Bopp or Clear Plastic is another very popular label choice by several of our customers. If you are looking for something with durability but really want your product to shine and show through, take a look at our Clear Bopp. Maximize your label with our white text option while also maintaining clear around the text to allow your product to come through.

Holographic Bopp
Holographic Bopp or Holographic Plastic is our rainbow label material. This material is used widely in the protein and vitamin industries. This material helps draw the eye of your customers, bringing attention to the label and product. Holographic not only brings great attention to the display but also is durable, being both tear and waterproof.


White Semi-Gloss
White Semi-Gloss or White Paper is one of the most affordable label material options we offer. While being affordable, it does have its limitations. Semi Gloss is not good to be used with any application with oil or water, however it is perfect for dry applications. Semi-Gloss is popular in our food line for spices, jelly, sauces and several common day products.

Metallic Semi-Gloss
Metallic Semi-Gloss or Metallic Paper is an affordable material option but a great way to get your product to pop with the look of the label. Metallic Semi-Gloss is great when your label does not have to withstand oil, water, or any sort of moisture. Metallic Semi-Gloss is popular in our Nutraceutical Market, Candles & Food Markets.

Estate Stock
Estate Stock or Estate Paper is popular in our Wine & Coffee Market. This material is also popular for our Candle Line. This paper will give the product an upscale and classy feel and features a velvet textured finish which provides superior abrasion resistance and protection to finished label constructions in indoor and outdoor environments. Looking for a way to have your graphics standout? Take a look at our Estate Stock.

Kraft Paper or Brown Kraft
Brown Kraft is a material that is perfect for achieving that natural, raw, & organic look. An unbleached, uncoated high strength paper with a natural (brown) color and texture which conveys an organic or rustic image. Ideal for high end all natural products including coffees, pet products, high end sauces and butters.

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