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At Cor Label, we have the best label printing services for your distillery. We understand the balancing act of adhesion, design printability and barcode readability. Distilleries are becoming more and more popular for spirit-loving patrons, which means more distilleries are popping up in more places, making the market more competitive. Having high-quality bottle labels printed by a partner you can trust is more important than ever. Our label printing services will make all your bottles stand out in a rising market.

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Why Cor Label?

Not only do we understand how important quality label printing is to your business, we also know that quality should not mean breaking the bank. Our label printing service is affordable, and we provide various printing options for your label design and your budget.

Variety in Our Printing Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We have a variety of printing options and styles for all types of spirits from tequila and whiskey to rum and vodka. Our high caliber HP Indigo digital press offers you the ability to choose the style and type of printing that works best for your distillery and your product. We can adapt our printing services according to your requirements. Our material options for spirit label printing span the gamut. We will highlight two common material options below.

White or Metallic Film: This material is sun, water, and fade resistant. It is also oil resistant and freezer safe, which is great when you need material that can withstand different environments and temperatures.

Holographic: This material will give your labels special style and vibrance in this spectacular wrap. Holographic labels are becoming more and more widely used for beer cans and different bottles of spirits. When using this somewhat specialized printing material, it is imperative to keep in mind the label design and the laminates and varnishes.

To capitalize on the high-tech quality of our HP Indigo digital printers, it is important to remember that embossing and using foil stamping can truly enhance your product. With the expanding trend in freezing some spirits like vodka and tequila, having label material that can withstand cold temperatures and bottle sweating is essential.



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Our label machines have the ability to produce almost any size custom label. If you have any questions about a specific size please give us a call or place a custom size order via the website.

We Understand Your Requirements

For spirits especially, the label design plays a key component in the overall appeal. Dark liquors like whiskey and bourbon have the reputation for being steeped in tradition, with a vintage quality. This means the label needs to match, with smooth clean material.

Our first-class printing abilities combined with our HP Indigo digital press builds an invincible mix of quality, affordability, and variety for all types of distilleries. Our printing technology is state-of-the art! Our high-quality, top-of-the line printer, the HP Indigo digital printing press, uses powerful technology that allows us to match your Pantones with superior accuracy, print consistently and enhance your imagery with remarkable quality.

We have label solutions for all distilleries and all spirits! Cor Label is committed to making the printing process as seamless as possible. We offer a range of options to meet your specific printing needs.

We want to partner with you! Just as spirits and distilleries are not a one-size-fits all product, neither are our printing services. We offer a diverse selection of label options and a team of experts to help you through the label printing process.

Cor Label want to take the stress out of printing your spirit bottle labels. We understand the importance of putting your brand on display. We offer free full-color printing at no extra cost and a 100% Cor Label guarantee. With our high-quality printing power and our team of experts, we guarantee a quality printed product and quality service every time you work with us!

Endless Options For Your Liquor Labels..

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