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At Cor Label, we understand the importance of having your wine labels look as amazing and smooth your wine tastes. Our high-quality printing capabilities will make your wine bottle labels stand out and be noticed. With label printing, there is no one-size fits all solution which is why we can customize your wine labels to the size and shape that best meets YOUR needs.

We take pride in bringing your creative wine label layouts to life with quality printing services. Along with measuring your wine bottle to make sure the sizing is correct; the type of adhesion and label type are just as important.

custom wine labels

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Not only do we understand how important quality label printing is to your business, we also know that quality should not mean breaking the bank. Our label printing service is affordable, and we provide various printing options for your wine and your budget.

White BOPP: White BOPP labels are made with plastic and have a permanent adhesive. They are oil and water resistant and work well for beverage products, including wine.

Metallic BOPP: With a metallic finish, these reflective labels have an almost chrome-like finish. Just like white BOPP, metallic BOPP is also water and oil resistant.

Semi-Gloss: Our semi-gloss labels have a medium sheen and the permanent adhesive makes them ideal for wine bottles. When you have a larger order, semi-gloss is a cost effective option. You can also choose from different sizes and shapes.

Brown Kraft: Brown kraft labels provide a natural, rustic appearance to any wine bottle. These vintage looking labels are of made wood pulp. Kraft wood pulp is darker than other wood pulps and is stronger than you may think. It is extremely tear resistant, making this the superior option when durability is important.

Estate Stock: Estate materials is a popular choice for wine labels and is widely used in the wine industry. They are extremely versatile and are another budget-friendly option when price is important.

Clear polyester labels: These wine labels work well for white wine bottles. The translucent color makes them easy to see through, giving the bottle a similar effect of a stain glass window. Purchasers will clearly see the beautiful wine they are buying.

Now that you have the information you need to ready yourself for the printing process, it’s time to put your wine on display. There is a large marketing for wine in the U.S. and around the entire world. For winemakers, wine lovers and winery owners, the label on the bottles can be the best way to know about the wine itself before the first sip. The label tells the type of wine in the bottle, where the wine is from, along with a first impression about the winemaker. Wine drinkers everywhere rely on these details when searching for a wine to purchase. This makes the label that much more important.

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