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Vitamin and supplement labels are especially important and demand a need for quality printing. Vitamin and supplement labels not only display your personal brand, but they also contain vital information for the consumer, which is why you need to have a label partner you can trust to ensure your labels are made the right way.

The Right Material Matters

Hinge or flexographic or expanded content labels peel back easily without tearing and without residue. They can also be resealed, keeping the labels neat and compact for the consumer. Necessary information can be found and displayed, making this an easy choice for your vitamin and supplement labeling.

As the FDA continues to gather research and find out new information for various products, flexographic not only become more important, but are required. Labels make it easy to show all the necessary and most pertinent information for your specific product, which may vary from product to product depending on the regulations and guidelines provided.

We offer Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP), also known as BOPP as a printing material. BOPP is a popular plastic label material which uses a process to stretch film over two directions making it more transparent and stronger. BOPP is also thin and prints on a roll, making peeling and applying a great solution. BOPP is versatile and can be white, clear, opaque, or metallic.

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custom nutraceautical labels
custom nutraceautical labels
custom nutraceautical labels
custom nutraceautical labels

White Bopp: White labels come in a matte and glossy option. Glossy or “semi-gloss” labels provide sleekness and crisp quality printing. These labels are an especially appealing option for vitamins and supplements because consumers can easily read the crucial information located on the label without worry of degradation of the label or much smudging. A smooth glossy texture makes it easy to make minimal designs shine. With matte white labels, you can achieve a more natural look, making them the ultimate label for vitamin and supplement containers. Matte white labels come in both a roll and sheet format and we have top-notch adhesives to make sure your labels stay in place. White label options give you numerous possibilities, so you will get exactly what you want for your labels.

At Cor Label, we are passionate about our ability to print and bring your brand to life with our labeling options. We have a wide range of printing capabilities to make your labels a custom fit to your product.

Die Cut: You should not have to compromise your label size or style. We can accommodate most label shapes, even those with elaborate details.

UV Label Coating and Spot Varnishing: This protective layer helps keep your labels safe from the elements and harsh conditions. UV label coating and spot varnishing also offers you labels with a raised look to add to the unique charm.

White or Metallic Squeezable Film: Squeezable film is ideal for many bottle sizes. The bigger the bottle, the better! Squeezable film works best when conforming to larger bottle sizes. You can easily showcase your brand colors and designs or seamlessly achieve the “no-label” label look.

The Cor Label Solution: We are proud to use HP Indigo digital printing presses as our partner for label printing. The high-power technology of the HP Indigo digital printing press makes printing fast, easy, and customizable. We have a team ready to answer any questions you may have and help you through the printing process to ensure you have access to everything you need to be successful.

Not only are our HP Indigo printers digital, but so is the Cor label ordering process. Speak with one of our label experts. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free color printing and fast shipping. With our increased productivity and laser point precision, Cor Label is ready get you started with the best printing and service you will find.

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