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Power and quality are key in getting the best industrial labels for your company’s products, both indoors and outdoors. The size and type of labels needed will vary greatly, which means that your labeling needs will also vary. When selecting labels for your industrial products there are some things to consider:

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Durability: Industrial products are high touch, high usage products. Labels that can meet the demands of these powerful products, and withstand different environments and temperatures are the labels of choice. Vinyl labels are weather and peel resistant. Not only will they hold up against the elements, but they are oil and fade resistance, unlike a material such as paper. Paper labels are better suited for items that will be used more immediately.

Run Size: Your company may have many different products of different sizes and quantities, which means you need to be able to print small runs for your labels with the ability to convert your label design to different shapes and sizes.  With the complex technology of the HP Indigo digital press, smaller quantity orders are easy to accomplish.

Your Design: The HP Indigo digital press uses ElectroInk, an oil-based paste form of microscopic plastic pellets, to color match the rainbow of the PANTONE color spectrum. The blanket used in the HP Indigo is heated, which melts and blends the ElectroInk elements instead of using plates. This process allows for accuracy and seamless color transfer onto each label. We color match up to 75% of the PANTONE colors. Those colors include:

  • ElectroInk Silver: ElectroInk Silver offers a variety of metallics in not just silver but also gold and many other colors.
  • ElectroInk Blacks and Whites: The ElectroInk Light Black blends grays for a stylish appearance.
  • ElectroInk Transparent: The ElectroInk Transparent adds depth to any label with raised printing for a textured and dimensional look.

Customization: Your industrial labels undergo thorough performance testing to be usable. Your labels need to be able to perform at the same level. The labels need to hold up against many factors, including changing environments and potentially harsh chemicals that are contained in the product. At Cor Label we want to work with you to determine the specific needs for your product labels.

We can provide an assortment of materials, coating options, and specialty adhesives that ensure the label stays in place without tearing or decomposing so your customers can always read vital product information like directions and live-saving warnings.

Cor Label wants to be your partner in making your industrial products the best in the market. We know that each and every label is essential to your product, your customers, and your brand. We have a team of experts ready to help you with your order and answer your questions. If you need labels and do not have them created yet, we can provide you with graphic design contacts who can help. We have a satisfaction guarantee and will work on your industrial labels until you are happy with the results!

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