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The need for quality cleaning supplies is more important now that ever. Displaying how your chemicals clean and disinfect are key to becoming the brand of choice for homes, office buildings, and schools alike. Cleaning supplies that you may have around your house or use in your business contain strong and powerful chemicals to efficiently do the job of fully getting things spotless and germ-free. Cleaning supplies include glass cleaners, oven cleaner, all-purpose cleaners and more. For these heavy-duty chemical cleaning products, you will need heavy duty labels to stand up against oil, grease, and harsh solutions without fading, peeling, or falling apart.

We at Cor Label understand that your high use, high touch cleaning supplies need durable labels to help put your products on display. We also know how important it is for any warning information or directions to be easy to read and on display without compromising your branding. We have a variety of sizes, shapes, and long-lasting materials to best meet your cleaning supply product needs. With the support of our HP Indigo digital press, you can rest easy knowing that the color quality of your labels is just as important to us as it is to you.

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