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Packaging and labeling are important features of any household product. The label easily provides you with all the product information from the brand to the crucial warning information. When you are ready to print labels for your household items, you want to ensure exceptional quality and excellent performance.

Our printing technology is state-of-the art! Our high-quality, top-of-the line press, the HP Indigo digital printing press, uses powerful technology that allows us to hit 98% of Pantone colors with superior accuracy, print consistently and enhance your imagery with exceptional quality.

Cor Label can print the labels you need, when you need them. Our label printing capabilities include:

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candle label printing

Candles: Candles come in a variety of sizes and holder options, including metal tins, cannisters, glass jars, and more. Because of the large assortment of candle holder options, understanding them so you can get the best labels for your candles is important. You will need to pick the label sizes and material that works best for your printing project. For products such as candles, having heat resistant labels with a strong adhesive is key.

Cleaners: Household cleaners you find around the home contain strong and powerful chemicals to effectively do the job of thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting. Household cleaning products include all-purpose cleaners, window cleaners, dust removers and more. Ensuring your labels can stand up against oil, grease, and harsh solutions without fading, peeling, or crumbling is something to look for when picking labels. These high use, high touch products need durable labels and Cor Label can accommodate these requirements.

Soaps and Hand Sanitizers: Soaps and hand sanitizers have always been staples in every home. Recently, they have become an element we cannot live without. One of the first lines of defense against harmful viruses and bacteria is through soaps and sanitizers. Soaps not only work to combat the impact of germs, but they are also a great cleaning product. Hand sanitizers are a convenient product you can keep in your home and easily carry with you throughout the day to access on the go. Because soaps and sanitizers are so essential, having the right label becomes even more of a necessity. Labels for soaps and hand sanitizers can be both beautiful and functional. You will not have to sacrifice either with the right label. Cor Label offers matte and gloss label options, combined with strong adhesives so your labels can be nicely branded and strong.

The Material Matters: Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP), also known as BOPP, a widely used material for a variety of label types, is a great option for many different label products. BOPP is made with plastic, has a permanent adhesive, and is oil and water resistant. Add-ons like spot coating add an enhanced layer of protection for all household product labels.

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At Cor Label we offer a variety of labeling options to meet your needs. Our high-quality printing solutions and finishing options, make us the label printing partner of choice. We have a team of experts ready to help with your labels and answer any questions you may have about our labels or our printing process. We use the innovative HP Indigo digital press to ensure color brilliance and superior printing capabilities.

We also have a team of experts who work with you to understand your needs and hand inspect your printing project to make sure nothing is missing, and the quality is top-notch. We go beyond just a phone call about the project, we can also provide you with a free sample pack, so you have a full understanding of your options.

Your project is just as important to us as it is to you. Along with our team of experts, we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will work on your project until you are happy. Plus, we will get your order ready in just 3-5 days.

With 1000’s of size and material options, our highly advanced HP Indigo digital press, and our dedicated team, Cor Label is ready to be your partner and get the labels you need for all of your products.

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