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Ways to Add Flavor to Your Labels

The way to the heart of any foodie is in the kitchen. The right seasoning can make or break any dish. Too much salt, not enough spice or using the wrong seasoning item altogether can make a potentially great dish turn out to be not so appetizing. You may not realize it, but the label on your seasoning products can help you elevate your dishes and have your guests taking their hats off to the chef. Here are three ways your seasoning label helps take your food to new heights.

1. It is all in a name.

The name of the seasoning is particularly important. Not only is it important to spell out the exact name of the product on the label but images can help give buyers an indication of exactly what they have in store with your seasoning. If you are selling a hot Cajun spice, putting pictures of red peppers and flames can help let people know that you mean business with your spice. This is the same for any seasoning from rubs to veggie flavorings.

2. Flavor profiles are important.

Labels are the best place to let people know what flavors they will be getting when they use your seasoning. If your seasoning is a mix of different herbs, you can explain this on the label and name your product accordingly.

3. Design with a purpose.

How many times have you heard, “I can’t remember the name, but it’s the one with the [fill in the blank] on it?” People are visual and will remember something that stood out to them. Labels are a blank canvas, ready to show off your product. Use your label to its fill potential by creating attention-grabbing designs everyone will recognize.

Your label the front line of attraction to your spices. When choosing the right flavors and spices to purchase for a dish, shoppers want to know what they are getting so they can create the best food possible. Make sure your label fully represents your brand and your product. If you need help, Cor Label has graphic design recommendations to help you get started.

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