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3 Tips for Getting the Most of Out of Your Sauce Labels

At first glance, you may think printing labels for sauces is standard and like labeling any other bottled condiment. Well, think again. The colors and style of label are important for sauces. Your label can help hold the key to the success of your product, even before consumers get the first taste. Ready to get the most out of your sauce labels. Here are 3 tips to get you started.

1. Maximize your space.

The real estate of your jar or bottle is a blank canvas for your label. Use the entire length and width of the container to guarantee potential consumers know as much about the sauce as possible. Be sure to make the type of sauce prevalent and easy to see, no matter if the container is facing forward or sideways.

2. Make Your Branding Count.

Ensuring that someone picks up your sauce over the competition starts with your branding. Sure, the taste will speak for itself, but first, you must entice people to grab your sauce over the next one. Use colors, fonts and details that make the sauce stand out. You make a great design, and we will make sure the label colors are vibrant, with our HP Indigo digital press.

3. Consider the Environment.

Some sauces need to be refrigerated after opening and others are fine staying on the shelf at room temperature. This is an important consideration when thinking about the best label for your sauces. If your sauce is going to be in different temperature settings, safeguarding your labels with durable and water-resistant adhesives is especially important. The last thing you want is for your label to peel or no longer stick if faced with any type of water or condensation. Sticker labels with heavy-duty adhesive and UV coating may be ideal for your particular sauce for situations in which the temperature can change.

Your label has a big job when it comes to your sauce. The label holds the branding, provides information, and protects important details about the sauce, such as nutritional details. Choosing the right label material and size can take your sauce to the next level. You create a delicious sauce, and we will give you the great labels to go with it!

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