Sandwich Labels

Requirements for Labeling Your Prepackaged Sandwiches

Prepackaged sandwiches are a growing convenience for busy people who need to eat on the go. These prepackaged sandwiches or deli sandwiches can be just as delicious as they are convenient. Because these sandwiches come premade but often contain ingredients with special temperature and condition requirements, it is important to follow guidelines to ensure the product is handled properly and is safe to consume. The label is the first line of defense to ensure the prepackaged sandwich is truly ready to eat. While there may be certain language you need to have on your prepackaged sandwich label, creating these labels can still be fun. You also have the advantage of being able to produce the label you want, with either custom labels or blank labels.

Custom Labels

Quick Application: Custom labels allow for quick application without having to add more details later. You can stick the label and go. You can easily print short run labels so that you get the exact number of labels you need without wasting time or money.

Less Human Error: Once you create the information needed for the label, the work is done! You won’t run the risk of writing the wrong information on the label or misspelling words.

Maximize your Branding: Printing custom labels lets you get more creative. You can print labels that use different fonts in a multitude of colors, thanks to the high-quality color printing of the HP Indigo Digital press.

Blank Labels

Add Details on the Go: Blank labels give you the best of both worlds. You have space for professional, uniformed branding and the ability to add details you may not know at the time of printing; such as the type of sandwich or the expiration date.

Write the Price: With blank labels you can add your price to the label where it will be front and center for consumers without being concerned using other parts of the packaging.

Make it Fun: The word fun may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about labels, but blank labels offer an empty canvas for you to get creative by adding messages and showing the brand personality.

No matter the option you choose, you won’t have to compromise the quality of your labels. Cor Label can provide durable, waterproof, UV coated labels for all your prepackaged sandwich needs.

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