Grocery Store Labeling


Different Grocery Store Products Call for Different Labels

When it comes to grocery stores, the product labels are just as important as the store signage. The labels catch the attention of the shopper, drawing them in to make a purchase. Every single item that can be sold in the store carries a label of some kind, and every product has its own unique labeling needs.

Cold Beverages

Because your beverages are going to be stored in a cool environment, ensure your labels can hold up against varying temperatures is essential.  Labels that don’t let something like a little condensation cause them to peel, warp, or become distorted is key to a quality label for cold beverages.


The FDA has certain regulations for produce. In most cases, these labels are placed directly on the produce and require durability. Produce labels must also be made from certain materials since they will be in direct contact with the product being consumed.

Meat and Seafood

From nutritional grinds to specific seafood information, there is certainly a need for an assortment of label option in the meat and seafood department. The variety of packaging options is also a consideration when it comes to these proteins.

Household Goods

Soaps, all-purpose cleaners, dishwasher detergents and many other items are all household goods you can find in the grocery store. These products have strong chemicals and cleaning components that make them great for scrubbing but not so great at keeping labels sturdy and intact. Durability and heavy-duty adhesives are beneficial here.  No one wants to work hard to fight dishpan hands only to find their liquid dish soap label is smudged and crumbling off onto their hands.

The choices are endless inside the grocery store and can make consumers scratch their heads when trying to decide between brands. Combined with labeling regulations for some products and you can see the value of labels in the grocery store.

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