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Using just any label for your fruit and produce products will not work. These items need specific labeling considerations. For other products in the store, the label goes on the outside of the packaging, which adds a barrier between the food or beverage being consumed. You will not find these same protections with fruits and produce. Generally, you remove the label and eat the food, after washing first, of course. If you’re wondering what are some important considerations for your fruit and produce labels, check out a few below.

The Fruit and Veggie Code

Voluntary labels can be placed on fruits and vegetables to let consumers know how they were grown. These labels are broken into 3 categories: genetically modified, organic, or conventional.

  • A label with a five-digit code starting with the number 9 means that the fruit or vegetable was grown organically and is certified organic.
  • A label with a five-digit code starting with the number 8 means that the fruit or vegetable was genetically modified.
  • A label with a four-digit code means the fruit or vegetable was grown conventionally.

If the label has a code more than 5 digits, it is not consistent with the internationally standardized system so there is no compelling identifier for how these products were grown.

What information should your fruit and vegetable labels contain?

The FDA requires that all labels or stickers be made from specific materials since these labels go directly on the product to be consumed. The labels must also meet other regulatory standards not found in other products such as reinforced branding. Because these labels are placed directly on the produce, making sure the labels have durable adhesion is especially important. There might be many hands handling the fruits or vegetables so labels could easily fall right off.

If you do have any questions about the best materials for your fruits and produce, Cor Label is ready to assist!

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