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Being able to get meals on the go has become invaluable to busy people everywhere. More and more people are relying on the quick convenience of easy and fast meals. Before the popularity of pre-packaged deli meals, many people relied on vending machines heavily loaded with chips and candy to supply them with the fuel they needed to get through the day, even if the options were not the healthiest. Now deli meals can be found in specialty vending machines, stores, and restaurants everywhere. Deli meal lovers understand the importance of the label. They can quickly access information on the food including nutritional information and much more, right at their fingertips. This makes the label almost as important as the food itself.

Different Shapes and Sizes

If you sell a variety of deli options, you will find that labels are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your soup label may need to be smaller than your meat label. You may not want your label to be directly on your product at all. For instance, you may want your cheese label to be next to the food instead of directly on it.

No matter your deli pack label needs, Cor Label can provide you with the eye-catching labels you need to help draw attention to your foods, while giving customers the facts they need. We have a variety of labels to choose from including sticker labels and shrink sleeves. If you are not exactly sure what type or material of labels you need, don’t worry, the Cor Label team is here to help!

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Our label presses have the ability to produce almost any size custom label. If you have any questions about a specific size please give us a call or place a custom size order via the website.

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