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Our food label press capabilities allow you to customize your food packaging to display your products while having space to follow FDA labeling guidelines. Our printing options support your branding with an array of options including labels and shrink sleeves. You won’t have to compromise looks for durability with our label printing selections. We have the solution that best fits your needs and the needs of your food packaging. 

 Label Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Type of Food: From your everyday staples to specialty foods like hot sauces and kimchi, Cor Label has a label printing solution for you. There are countless types of food and we know that your labels need to compliment the food while keeping in mind the regulations for food and beverage products. We can create labels for food products such as:

  • Sauces and spreads
  • Snacks
  • Beverages and specialty drinks
  • Dips and syrups
  • Seasonings and rubs

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Food storage: The storage environment of your food products may vary greatly depending on the product, shelf life, and other product specifications. Therefore, it is important to print labels that can withstand many climates, even those that could change like going from a room temperature shelf to the refrigerator. Labels that won’t crack or peel is an important consideration. We will help you determine which adhesive is best for your application to keep them in place through both stable and variable conditions. We also allow you to take the guess work out of sizing as we work for any container size or shape. UV coating and laminate can be added to your labels as an additional guard. This protective layer helps keep your labels safe from the elements.

Size of Container: Food products come in every shape and size imaginable and they have different materials used for the packaging. Cor Label offers great options, no matter the container dimensions. One great label printing solution for uncommonly shaped bottles or other containers is a shrink sleeve label or “shrink sleeve” for short. Shrink sleeves wrap completely around the food product vessel for maximum, custom coverage.  Shrink sleeves are a good option if you need to utilize the space of your container for branding and product details such as the nutritional information ingredients, and bar code. This flexible package adheres to the label by using heat. Shrink sleeves are also waterproof, making them good for any temperature setting.  In addition to shrink sleeves, Cor Label offers die cut labels. When you can’t compromise your labels just because of the food package shape, die cut is an ideal option.  We can accommodate most label shapes, even unconventional ones.

We offer quality printing solutions that work best for your food containers. We use the state-of-the-art printing technology of the HP Indigo digital press to ensure you get quality labels, every time. The HP Indigo uses ElectroInk to get the colors you need to brand your products. The HP Indigo digital printing press makes printing quick, simple and customizable. Speak with one of our experts to get started. 

Have a design idea, but need help bringing it to life? We may be able to help! We can also provide graphic design referrals, if needed.

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