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The label on your candle is a customer’s very first impression of your product. Before they get the scent of the candle, they see the label. This means that the label on your candles should always be a perfect representation of your product and your brand. At Cor Label we understand the importance of your candle labeling and how color and design play an integral role in the appeal. That is why we have combined the world class printing technology of the HP Indigo digital press with our superior service to offer you incredible label selections to meet your requirements. 

Quality Candle Labels

Getting the best labels for your candles might seem tricky since candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and packaging options such as: 

  • Metal tins (with and without lid)
  • Cannisters 
  • Glass jars
  • Wax melt clamshells
  • Tealight cups
  • Wrapping paper

Because candles can come in such a large assortment of packaging options or even no packaging, it is important to pick the type of label and label material that works best for your specific project. For products such as candles, having heat resistant labels with a strong adhesive is the #1 importance. We have a wide range of label solutions to make your candles stand out on your customers’ business or home shelves.

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Semi-Gloss Paper: With a medium sheen, semi-gloss is a classic and budget-friendly printing option

Brown Kraft: Brown kraft labels give any candle a rustic look. This material is a great option when the look of the label needs to be considered.

BOPP:  This option provides an oil and water-resistant label with a permanent adhesive and comes in several finishes. With BOPP there is no need to compromise the style of your candle branding for the right label material. 

Estate Stock: Estate stock material is a widely used choice for candle labels and is used by candlemakers everywhere. It is extremely adaptable and cost-effective.

Clear BOPP: These labels work well for clear or transparent candle containers. The translucent color makes them easy to see through, allowing for the beautiful candle colors to be right on display.

Short run printing: We can provide short run printing and variable data printing so you can make slight adjustments to your labels without requiring a plate change. This will save you both time and money.

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Not every material is a good pick for your candles. Some may not hold up against the heat from the wax when the candle is melting, and others may cause discoloration from certain candle scents. We are here to help you accomplish your goals and get the best labels possible for your candles. We can also send you a no obligation sample pack to help you get started.

Our quality service combined with our high-quality HP Indigo digital presses make for a perfect pairing of excellence every time you work with us. We are so confident in our printing that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are ready to get started or just have questions, please do not hesitate to request a call or you can live chat with one of our printing experts.

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