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The soda options on the market today are endless. There are many companies producing sodas with many different tastes and colors within each manufacturer. Soda flavors and variations can be found across the globe, and the first thing that catches the eye of the consumer deciding which soda to purchase, is the label. Creating the absolute best label for your sodas can help to make your soda appealing, even before the first sip.

Labeling Your Sodas

Soda Cans: Can labels are an easy way to fill large quantity orders, like 6, 12, or 24 packs of soda. You can create labels in many different styles and die cuts. Our HP Indigo digital press also allows for vibrant label colors to be printed right on your labels. One of the best options for soda cans is pressure sensitive labels. They are easy to put on and remove. Shrink sleeve printing is another popular option for cans. Shrink sleeve labels look like they are part of the can because heat is used to adhere the label to the can. Shrink sleeves are waterproof, which for a liquid product like sodas, is necessary.

Soda Bottles: Some may assume that bottles would cause a conundrum for label printing because of the shape, but we have a selection of labels that fit any placement you need. We can create labels for the soda bottle neck, a wrap around the entire bottle or both. We also have label options that are exceptionally durable and can withstand abrasions.

Cor Label provides quality labels through a quality printing process. We also have a team ready to make sure you get the best labels for your soda cans and bottles!

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Our label presses have the ability to produce almost any size custom label. If you have any questions about a specific size please give us a call or place a custom size order via the website.

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