Flavored Water Bottle Labels


Creating unique labels for your flavored water can help your product be a showstopper in a highly competitive market. Customizing your labels allows you to brand your product while providing necessary information to the consumer. From glossy to matte materials, Cor Label offers a large assortment of label options to make sure your labels are both attractive and durable.

Water-resistant labels

Water resistant labels are a necessity for your flavored water drinks. It is important to choose the right labels to ensure they will not peel or crumble while protecting your branding and design. We offer several water-resistant options that will safeguard your labels without compromising your artwork.

Shrink Sleeves

If your flavored water beverages are available in packages such as 6 or 12-packs, including your branding on that packaging is just as important as having it on each individual bottle within the package. Multi-pack shrink sleeves are an appealing and efficient choice. You get the advantages of more space for your branding, the convenience of packing your drinks together, and added protection against the elements.

Not sure where to start? That’s no problem. The Cor Label team is ready to assist and answer any questions you may have about label options. We want to make this process easy, fast, and efficient so you can focus on your flavored water drinks and quenching your customers’ thirst!

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Our label presses have the ability to produce almost any size custom label. If you have any questions about a specific size please give us a call or place a custom size order via the website.

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