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Cor Label knows that pinpointing a specific kind of beer starts before you ever take a sip. The beer label is the first way to learn the beer and the skilled beer brewer. Our custom label printing and high quality makes it easy to identity the type of frothy goodness contained inside and the creative minds who brewed it.

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Why Cor Label?

We pride ourselves in knowing how to make your labels come to life with ease and accuracy with the best label for your distinctive beer. As craft beers and at-home beer brewing continue to gain popularity, the uniqueness of the beer label is becoming increasingly more important. Not only does the label identify the type of goodness that is in, but labels also allow you to stand out and flex your innovative branding muscle. We combine your ideas and creativity with our specialized knowledge of label printing to give your bottle, can the absolute best first impression!

Cor Label knows a thing or two about printing the best beer labels. We have worked with many breweries to provide high-quality label printing solutions to give each label a unique edge. We want to make the printing process as easy as possible. We can also help you choose the best material for your labels. Our white glove service and HP Indigo digital press allow you to trust that our printing process is priced accurately and is fast.

Our printing technology is state-of-the art! Our high-quality, top-of-the line press, the HP Indigo digital printing press, uses powerful technology that allows us to hit 98% of Pantone colors with superior accuracy, print consistently and enhance your imagery with exceptional quality.

Beyond printing, we understand the types of beer containers. There are a variety of beer containers and Cor Label offers printing labels for all of them! We can even help you scale your label design if you have more than one beer container. If you can bottle or can it, we can print a label for it! Our beer labeling capabilities include:

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Beer Bottles: Our beer bottle labels fit anywhere you need and come in a variety of sizes. We can create labels for just the bottle neck, a wrap around the entire bottle or both. We can also customize the size and shape to give you exactly what you need for your beer bottles.

Beer Cans: Beer can labels perform well with a pressure sensitive label, which works nicely for large orders because they are printed and delivered as a roll. They come in a variety of styles, colors and die cut shapes. Pressure sensitive labels are easy to adhere to beer cans and are easy to remove. Another option for beer can labels is shrink sleeves. Shrink sleeve printing uses heat to adhere the label, making them truly look like they are part of the can. Shrink sleeves are waterproof and easy to print. Because they are like a “second skin” for your beer can, you can use more prime real estate on the can to truly maximize your branding and add essential information.

Keg Wraps and Keg Collars: Cor Label can print the perfect label for your keg, no matter the size. Our goal is to help make your keg stand out among the crowd. If you are unsure what size wrap you need we can help you decide between the standard sizes of 2”, 3” or 4” wide up to a max size of 21.875″ x 12.25″. We can also produce full color wraps or just black and white, depending on your needs. If you are looking to really step up the branding, we can print keg collars with or without adhesive to give your keg some extra style.

Growlers and Crowlers: If you are leaning toward having your customers enjoy their beer at home, growler and crowlers are the way to go and we’ve got the label to go with them. The 32-ounce can of a crowler is the perfect amount of space for a first-class label. We have several ways to print on your crowler, including cold foil stamping and spot UV or dual coating. Growlers have lots of label printing property, which means more room and opportunity for custom printing. We can print an entire wrap around the growler or just on the front. We can also print large, small, single, or even multiple labels.

Cor Label is here to help you enjoy the beer brewing process all the way down to the label printing. We offer free full-color printing at no extra cost and a 100% Cor Label guarantee. With our high-quality printing power and our team of experts, we guarantee a quality printed product and quality service every time you work with us!

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